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Balinese 'Dream' Pendants

Dream Pendants | Message Pendants

Part of our harmony ball necklace range includes Balinese Dream Pendants: The Traditional Balinese Dream Pendant has a removable cap (see images). The wearer will usually take a small piece of paper and write down their dreams or goals and roll it up and place it inside the hollow pendant - this way they carry their dreams or goals with them.

Many wearers will place personal messages inside the pendant - typically names of Family members or those of their children or part of a child's first drawing or a Special Message from a Grandchild to a Grandparent or a message from some other person special to the wearer. The Balinese are very religious people and they call these pendants a 'Prayer Box' as they write down a special prayer and place it inside the pendant.

Pregnant ladies will sometimes wear these pendants with special message or prayer to their unborn child or even the babies name in some cases.

These pendants can also be used for Essential Oils and even Perfume.

Hence these wonderful pendants make very special 'Keepsake' gifts