'Tree of Life' Jewellery

Tree of Life Necklace Jewelry | Tree of Life Harmony Necklaces

Tree of Life Jewellery: HarmonyBall.net.au, in addition to our Harmony Ball Necklace collection, also offers a quality range of 'Tree of Life' Sterling Silver Jewellery including Tree of Life Harmony Ball Necklace designs (a.k.a. Chiming necklaces) by Tree of Life Necklace Australia, in addition to necklaces, pendants, earrings and rings all with a tree of life symbol.

We sell only Genuine HANDMADE Sterling Silver Harmony Balls


TWO (2) Bonus Chains: Your Harmony Necklace is supplied complete with with 2 Chains - one is a 40" (100cm) long chain for wearing the chime ball 'over your bump' and the other chain is 20" (50cm) for wearing your harmony ball as a standard chime necklace.