'Tree of Life' Jewellery

Tree of Life Necklace Jewelry | Tree of Life Harmony Necklaces

Tree of Life Jewellery: HarmonyBall.net.au, in addition to our Harmony Ball Necklace collection, also offers a quality range of 'Tree of Life' Sterling Silver Jewellery including Tree of Life Harmony Ball Necklace designs (a.k.a. Chiming Tree of Life Necklace), pendants, necklaces and rings all with a tree of life symbol.
We sell only Genuine HANDMADE Sterling Silver Harmony Balls


TWO (2) Bonus Chains: Your Harmony Necklace is supplied complete with with 2 Chains - one is a 40" (100cm) long chain for wearing the chime ball 'over your bump' and the other chain is 20" (50cm) for wearing your harmony ball as a standard chime necklace.

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