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BIRTHSTONE Harmony Necklaces

Harmony Necklace designs in this 'Birthstone Collection' have Gemstones listed as Birthstones for each month. These necklaces are genuine 925 Sterling Silver and the Gemstones are Natural with the range covering Birthstones for every month of the year.

Wearing a Harmony Necklace brings the wearer a sense of calm and harmony and it is especially so if the harmony ball necklace pendant includes your Birthstone.

In addition to being unique and impressive jewelry pieces they make wonderful Pregnacy Necklaces or Baby Shower Gifts for the mother-to-be. If you are wearing a harmony ball when pregnant then the significance of the Birthstone can be for either of the due month of the baby or your own month of birth. Many 'Mums to be' will choose to wear the harmony necklace with the Birthstone for the month their baby is due to be born, making it even more special.

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Add even more meaning with our Birthstone Pregnancy Necklaces.

When a woman wears a harmony ball necklace during pregnancy it is usually to engender harmony and bonding between her and her baby whilst the fetus grows within her. This special bond strengthens even more so after birth, and the chiming harmony necklace continues to be an advantage after baby us born. This special meaning can be strengthened with a harmony necklace that features a gemstone representing the birth month of your baby and it becomes a wonderful keepsake also, possibly to pass on to loved ones. We offer a wonderful collection of harmony necklaces that feature birthstone gemstones.

Birthstone Harmony Ball Necklaces are based on the 'Hinged Cage' style which consists of a hinged Sterling Silver cage into which a chime ball is placed. The chime ball as its name suggests creates the chime sound. These hinged cages come in a number of different ornate designs. The chime ball can be made of different materials including sterling silver and polished brass and also brass enameled in different colors. This style almost always includes a gemstone set on the extended pillar of the cage pendant.
With a variety of cage types, chime ball colors and Gemstone selection the numerous combinations allow the purchaser to choose a style and look that suits them, their personality. It also allows expecting mothers to choose a gemstone that relates to the expected birth month of their baby.

Who wears a Harmony Necklace? they are worn generally by women during their pregnancy, with some reported benefits (see this article), and hence are sometimes referred to as Pregnacy Necklaces and also worn by those looking to add some 'harmony' into their lives without being pregnant. Often case a harmony necklace becomes a family keepsake jewelry piece, handed down from mother to daughter.

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