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Genuine Sterling Silver Harmony Ball Necklaces

HarmonyBall.net.au, an Australian business, offers a range of over 200 Genuine Sterling Silver Harmony Ball Necklace designs. Our products are of the highest quality and every Genuine Sterling Silver Harmony Ball is handmade from the highest quality materials by Artisan Silversmiths in Bali, Indonesia.
Our extensive selection includes many 'Exclusive Unique Designs' as well as our Traditional Balinese Harmony Ball Necklace range. Every Harmony Ball is checked before shipping to ensure it has a beautiful Harmonious Chime sound. All stock is held here in Australia offering speedy delivery.

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chiming harmony ball 

chiming harmony ball 

Mother & Baby Harmony Necklace represents Perfectly the Bond between a Mother and her Baby

the internal Harmony Chime Ball on this Artisan Crafted exclusive design Harmony Necklace creates a beautiful soothing soft chiming sound with movement.