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Genuine Sterling Silver Harmony Ball Necklaces

Genuine Sterling Silver at prices many others charge for just plain silver plated !!

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HarmonyBall.net.au, an Australian business, offering the largest range of Genuine Sterling Silver Harmony Ball Necklace designs since 2011, many with Genuine Gemstones. Our products are of the highest quality and every Genuine Sterling Silver Harmony Ball is handmade from the highest quality materials by Artisan Silversmiths in Bali, Indonesia.

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The best range of Harmony Ball Necklaces in Australia

Our extensive selection includes many 'Exclusive Unique Designs' as well as our Traditional Balinese Harmony Ball Necklace range. Every Harmony Ball is checked before shipping to ensure it has a beautiful Harmonious Chime sound. All stock is held here in Australia offering speedy delivery.

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TWO (2) Bonus Chains: Your Harmony Necklace is supplied complete with with 2 Chains - one is a 40" (100cm) long chain for wearing the chime ball 'over your bump' and the other chain is 20" (50cm) for wearing your harmony ball as a standard chime necklace.

Mother and Baby Harmony Ball Necklace

Featured Products

Unique Harmony Necklace 18ct Gold Mother & Baby, Sterling Silver

Sale: $64.95
Save: 13% off
Harmony Ball Necklace, Hearts on Sterling Silver Harmony Ball

Sale: $42.95
Save: 19% off
Angel Caller Harmony Necklace, Sterling Silver, Heart Shape

Sale: $68.95
Save: 13% off

Harmony Necklace, Sterling Silver, Soft Pink Chime Ball

Sale: $38.95
Save: 20% off
Harmony Necklace, Sterling Silver, Moonstone Gem, Red Chime Ball

Sale: $38.95
Save: 20% off


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More Harmony Ball Choices | Greater Selections
In addition to the largest Harmony Ball range available anywhere Dazzlers offers you more choices of types and styles. You can search by chime ball colour and gemstone type to find that special harmony ball necklace that suits you - even your birthstone or birthstone colour. Not every single combination is listed so if by chance you don't find exactly what you are looking for then please contact us to see if we can configure it for you.
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Stunning Artisan Crafted 'UNIQUE' Harmony Ball Necklaces
At Dazzlers we take pride in the fact that we offer a more diversified and greater Harmony Ball range than any other site on the internet or anywhere for that matter.
We are extremely pleased to be able to offer our exclusive Artisan Crafted 'UNIQUE' Harmony Ball Necklace collection. Each Harmony Ball has been designed by us and crafted with love and care in the knowledge that these are very special items of jewelry, often taking on a personal meaning, understandably given the reason many women purchase them - as a Pregnancy Necklace.

A few samples of our 'Exclusive Harmony Ball Necklace Collection' are below - you can find many more at this link Exclusive Designs.

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