How to Clean Your Harmony Ball

Tips on How to Clean a Harmony Ball

Harmony Balls come in many different styles, shapes, designs and materials so cleaning them can require different methods depending on which type you have.

harmony ball traditional
Traditional style Harmony Ball
harmony ball cage style
Hinged Cage style Harmony Ball

The common method of cleaning your harmony ball pendant regardless of the type is by using a silver jewellery polishing cloth as you would for most jewellery including sterling silver which is the most used material in harmony balls. These silver jewellery polishing cloths are impregnated with a cleaning agent and are made of a material that will not scratch your jewellery. Silver jewellery polishing cloths are readily available from most jewellers and also online jewellery stores. Using a polishing cloth requires some 'elbow grease' but the effort will be rewarded.

Cleaning a solid outer skin harmony ball: if using a polishing cloth does not bring your sterling silver harmony ball back to its original lustre then using a silver jewellery cleaning agent may be required. This is done by dipping the ball completely in the solution, after removing the necklace chain or cord, keeping it submerged for a few seconds and then rinsing it off well under cold water. Then pat dry the harmony ball with a soft dry cloth and admire the brilliant lustre. You can also do the same with your silver chain whilst at it.

Cleaning a hinged cage style harmony ball: the above method using a silver cleaning solution can be used for your sterling silver hinged style harmony ball with the following stipulations. If the chime ball inside the harmony ball outer cage is sterling silver, silver plated or brass and the outer cage does not have any gemstones attached to it then the above method can be used exactly as stated. However if the chime ball is made from resin, i.e. generally coloured chime balls are made from resin, then the chime ball must be removed by opening the harmony ball by undoing the latch. You must be very careful when opening and closing the latch that holds the two halves of the harmony ball cage as they are made from sterling silver which is not a strong material in terms of metals (not as strong as steel for example). Refer to this article for specifics of hinged cage style harmony ball pendants.

If the harmony ball cage does not contain gemstones then the cage can be immersed in the silver cleaning solution and the procedure in the method used for cleaning a solid outer skin harmony ball can be used. The resin chime ball should be washed in warm water with a mild detergent and pat dried with a soft cloth.

Cleaning a harmony ball with gemstones whether solid outer skin or hinged cage style: do NOT immerse these harmony balls in a silver cleaning solution or any other cleaning agent for that matter. Many chemical cleaning agents can harm some gemstones and denigrate their appearance so in this case it is best to revert to the tried and proven method of using a silver jewellery polishing cloth.

author: Mike O'Shannessy